June Writing 2022

Through the eyes of a Child

Two little fish and five small loaves
Enough for me I suppose.
And if I should to the Master give
All of these, I still would live.

What would He do with my small gift?
Not much to work with, serving the drift
Of hungry followers, looking for food
Forgotten midst their search for God.

Would He make it be more than enough
To feed this crowd? That would be tough.
And yet it feels I have no choice.
I must give it all. I hear his voice

Calling me up to give what I can.
Not an “also watched” but an “also ran”.
We know the story and how it ends.
My gift enlarged, He fed our friends.

Some leftover? Yes, some to spare.
How did He do it – this act of care?
The outcome is not mine to ask.
My giving inspired a noble task

In the hands of Him who sees it all,
And multiplies whatever is small.
The least offering we bring to the table
Is enlarged by Him for he is able.

What will my next offering be?
Or yours? To Him who on that tree
Gave all and shouted, “It is done!”
Let’s give ourselves, My dear ones, “Come!”

Ruth Campsall

Thought for Today

Jesus never fails to amaze me, how he conducts himself, how his personality draws the crowds and everyone is in awe of what he has to say.
The parables give such a strong message and give us the ability to ponder and think.
We draw our faith from Him each day.
He is our strength at all times, when things go wrong or times are good.
When Len and I married my mother said “care for each other and never let differences last a long time and keep the Lord at your side always”
When Len died suddenly 30 years ago my faith saw me through. Also, the love of my family and friends.
I feel very fortunate having four grandchildren who are very caring towards me.
My life is good, living in Worcester for 22 years with friends I have made and also happy to have a church family too. At 85 I am able to look after myself and have a walk every day in this very pleasant area.
Homenash is good as we are a little community and gather in our lounge to chat or play cards, bingo or scrabble. We often get together and enjoy food together.
My life I feel is very good.
I do say Thank You each day for the life I have.

© Pearl Capewell