June 2019 Writing

Look up and let the light flood in

{Inspired by a headline from interior design}

In the midst of the storm
When the wind is raging
And the rain pours down
Look up and let the light flood in

When the fog has come down
And you can’t see the way forward
And you don’t know which way to turn
Look up and let the light flood in
Jesus is the light
His delight
Is to flood us with His love, His joy, His peace, His help
As we look to Him
He pours out His light
Falling as gentle rain,
Washing away our fears
He rescues us,
Placing us on solid rock.

Look up and let the light flood in
It’s a decision, a device we make
How easy to look down and be like grasshoppers,
Yet how wonderful to wake up
To let His light shine into our lives
And show His love, His help, His friendship.

When clouds and storms come our way
Let’s decide to look up and let the light flood in!

©Alison Moore Kingdom Arts June 2019


Can I have a place of my own
Inside my thoughts
Plus all the support I need
With facilities including swimming and Jacuzzi?

Maybe I could have a line
As a woman on the edge of time
A sort of bush telegraph
Bringing missives of love and understanding
Even more in this luxury
Would you fall into my arms
And shield me from all harm?

Then I’d settle into that real place of ours
Bricks and mortar
Equity or do I mean equality
Deep, deep, peace.

© Rosemary Orr Kingdom Arts June 2019