June 2018 Writing

Jesus calms the sea:-

On the fifth day God created the sea.

On the fifth day God created the sea
It was filled with goodness
Tides ruled by the moon
Changing colour and moods
Inspiring man to travel the waves
As Jesus and his disciples moved
Across the lake in the evening
Then the great gale arose
Fear spread and gripped the swamped boat
Waves rose up like angry monsters
Echoing voyages of Celtic Saints, valiant fishermen and lifeboat heroes
And the cries of searching, hopeful boat people
But Jesus was there in all our lives
He calmed the seas, bringing peace
May we shed our fears, shattered dreams and grief
Lay them at his feet
And bathe in tranquil hopeful waters

© Helen, June 2018

Swamped no more!

In times when I am swamped by worries
By circumstances where I feel overwhelmed
When waves of despair hit hard and I
Am drowning in life itself
There is a moment when I may be overcome
But I am stilled and calm; my mind in quiet prayerful contemplation
I become aware of Christ; he is within me and without.
In that instant faith is renewed I am restored

© Barbara Rolison, June 2018