January 2018 Gathering

9th January 2018

“I am the Good Shepherd”

This text from John 10:11-18 inspired our morning.

New Year greetings were exchanged and we began our worship with singing, the reading from John 10 and prayers.

The Arts activities, which were focussed around shepherding and sheep, included a paper sculptured shepherd described as “David’s Challenge”. It needed plenty of concentration and agile fingers.

There was a music and contemplation session using a new instrument known as a “tongue drum”, played by Sue. It was later described as wonderful, great and calming.

At the watercolour activity there was some experimentation which turned into a sheep with stars in its eyes. There were drawings and paintings of hands “the protective hands of the shepherd round his flock”. Some amazing and colourful collage emerged of Jesus the shepherd.

There was also mindful colouring of mandala patterns and creative writing.
[Follow the links for examples and photographs.]

At our gathering after the prayer and before the delicious soup, a new member described his painting of hands “Behind my hand is the hand of God. He is behind everyone’s hand”. That was the perfect summing up for the morning.

Our next meeting is on February 13th. We hope you will come and join in the fun, engaging with others in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

PS A few soup recipe books are still available, beautifully illustrated and a very reasonable £4 each.

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To see and hear the music and contemplation session,
click here:- Percussion workshop