January 2024 Writing


the lack of business,
calmness; less to intrude and more to see.
Gently moving and slowly opening up and moving towards
My Creator.
gently undisturbed by the business of life
Clear of clutter to see what really matters.
To see anew, afresh what the essence of life is.
So peaceful, so restful.
Just to be and offer myself anew, afresh to you.

© Steph Kingdom Arts January 2024

This was a partnership piece written as an experiment with Barbara as amanuensis.

At Kingdom Arts

I woke up this morning feeling a little apprehensive about coming today,


What a feeling I got immediately!!

Friendship, love, welcome.

Everything I feel I need at this time in my life. I try every day to find new things to think about. I have been told that it’s quite probably I will go blind, and I am trying to come to terms with what I will be able to do.

Crochet is my main hobby, which I will be able to carry on (with difficulty) but I have enjoyed painting which I find difficult already, although with a loving son to help me I will, with God’s help, go on to find new things.

© Heather Kingdom Arts February 2024

No Sight

I close my eyes and cut off my sight.
Yet I know I am standing in a garden
I can smell it and I can hear a rustle of leaves
The flutter and twitter of birds.
I reach out my hand and bend down to touch.
It’s colder and wet, yet suddenly comes away and into my palm
What do I hold? It’s oval and furry on one side, feels thin and I gentle on my palm so touch with my other hand.
Will it break? Does it smell? I hold it to my nose and lips. I learn about this living thing – a piece of creation.
Will I know it again?
I bend down again and touch and pull and there in my hand is another.
It smells and tastes the same, it is furry on one side, but has a rolled edge.
I learn it is from creation but it is different
I learn that every piece of creation is different from each other.
Yet it helps to make a whole.
Thank You

© Jenny Kingdom Arts February 2024

The light

Lord, what is a light? A tiny pinprick in a dark tunnel, and yet that is the pointer to follow. One needs the touch of others to guide our way and to help when one might tumble.
Is this your way that by relying on others as well as oneself we create love? Sometimes we do need others.
Help us to reach out and hold others by the hand.
What is darkness? Why do we fear what might happen in the dark hours of the night? Why do we imagine the worst when we can have the best? May I seek you and see things (from your point of view) rather than mine. Sunrise and sunset are two of the most beautiful sights in the world and yet I can only imagine them. But Lord, imagination is a wonderful thing and you give us gifts that we can only think of in reality.
As a candle flickers we are drawn to its warmth and light. May we always look to you the light?

© Julia Kingdom Arts February 2024