January 2020 Gathering

14th January 2020

Women in the Bible: Anna

Alex warmly welcomed everyone, especially visitors, and there followed praise and singing to welcome the new year accompanied by our faithful band followed by a reflection, led by Alex.
The theme of women in the bible continued this year with the story of Anna when Jesus was presented in the temple, according to Luke chapter 2 verses 23-28.

David’s task to reconstruct a temple building proceeded and this was the last session before it is complete. The work continued to demand team work, craft skills and precision.

There was an opportunity to create a picture of a dove or two using wallpaper and other paper textures.

Some chose to sit quietly and colour Celtic patterns or knit and pray. This was a welcome respite from the bustle of busy lives.

A new activity was using oil pastels on cloth, drawing and colouring circles which overlapped in a blaze of colour. It was later described as “cosmic.”

The creative writing activity inspired several writers of prose and poetry who captured the patient waiting in the temple of Anna and Simeon. The resulting work was inspiring.

Waiting in the Temple
Waiting, always in the waiting room,
How long…
Praying, asking, seeking, searching..
Sitting in the shadows of your wings… closed away, waiting
How long?
Shall I give up, give in, will it ever happen whilst I live. Is it true?
Will the answer find me here?
Come… My heart waits in silence…
Only to you God do I yield… I live to serve.
To Pray, asking, seeking… looking.
Up from the shadows.
My heart races, light streams in.. a baby is born..
Rivers burst within as I look upon his face..
Truth rises up, a song dances from my lips and for all the long years of hoping, trusting, weariness, doubting and faith
Waiting is over and the answer to life,
My life, your life… every present and future citizen of this world will find themselves in you..
Waiting is fulfilled.
It is over.
Relief, joy. I dance in the streets..
It’s been fulfilled… Waiting is over.
©Shefalie Hollis  Kingdom Arts January 2020

 This is one of six pieces of creative writing this month. To see the others, click on ‘Creative Writing’ at the bottom of this report.

 Alex encouraged  a group in the use of colourful ribbons as a way of expressing praise in worship and they later used these ribbons  as part of our final worship adding a new and spirited dimension.

Click on the titles below to see short films of the rehearsals

Ribbons instruction             Ribbons music

At the end of the morning, the work was displayed, celebrated and admired with some explanation and obvious enjoyment by participants and pieces of creative writing read aloud.

Our shared lunch was pumpkin or tomato and apple soup, bread, cheese, grapes, cakes and a chance to catch up on conversations after the holidays.

We would be delighted to welcome you on the second Tuesday of February with tea and coffee at 9:30
Tuesday February 11th : Miriam

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