February 2024 Writing

Steal away

When I was a teenager I used to sing this spiritual so much, to encourage my heart to confide in Jesus… “Steal Away to Jesus”

Today I wrote this Poem…

Is my heart oppressed and low?
Steal away to Jesus
Confused about which way to go?
Steal away to Jesus

Am I pressed into a mould?
Steal away to Jesus
Feeling robbed of all my gold?
Steal away to Jesus

Would I dare to slip my chain?
Steal away to Jesus
Is it worth what I would gain?
Steal away to Jesus

Does my trouble cloud my way?
Steal away to Jesus
Will the darkness yield to day?
Steal away to Jesus

I will trust the call to rest
Steal away to Jesus
Following with trembling steps
Steal away to Jesus

I will come out on your arm
Steal away to Jesus
Covered in your healing balm
Steal away to Jesus

© Chris Graham Kingdom Arts 2024

What is freedom?

Everywhere I look, people are shackled by something: internet shopping; drink; drugs; sex; Netflix; fashion.
Where are we free in nature, by the sea, up a mountain, wild swimming.
What is it for you?

Jesus made us free, whatever our circumstances, do we need a new mindset?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, do we look after our vulnerable ones?
Do restrictions mean slavery or is it a means to a new and free life?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote “Man is born free but everywhere is in chains”.

Is this what Jesus came for, to be tied, scourged and die for us all?
To rise again in glory and save us all from sin and suffering until we are truly free to join him in eternal glory.

© Julia Holdsworth

A spiritual

They chained me down,
In sorrow I cry,
Carry my trouble away.

My load is heavy,
Have mercy Lord!
Carry my trouble away.

Carry me away, Lord,
Carry me away, Lord,
Carry me away, my Lord,
Carry me away.

The journey’s long,
The river is wide,
Carry my trouble away.

And in the darkness
You’re by my side,
Carry my trouble away.

Carry me away, Lord,
Carry me away, Lord,
Carry me away, my Lord,
Carry me away.

© Barbara Rolison, Kingdom Arts February 2024

Release from the Chains of Despair

I was trapped, I felt unsafe,
Had no control, no way of escape.
Bound by rules, no place for thoughts
Of what I like, just what I ought.

Do, be, serve, and don’t complain,
Keep the peace, the same refrain
In my mind, the whole day long.
No chance of love or joy or song.

Then came the night. The darkness hides
All vestige of hope, just fear resides.
Fear dictates and tells me lies,
“You can’t break free from life’s demise.

This is all you will ever be,
Trapped in your chains, and never free.”
Yet deep inside a spark of hope
Drew me onwards, helped me to cope.

I’d heard of a Saviour, one who loved
To set people free, the Son of God.
I cried to Him, He heard my prayer,
Let me know that He’s always there.

“You are loved,” He said. “Trust in Me,
I will your Deliverer be.”
And deep inside I knew that He
Could heal the pain and set me free.

New life awaits, now peace inside,
Freedom from fear, now joy resides.
No more despair nor hiding away
Just freed to be, to work to play.

Myself at last. Now I can breathe
And worship Him, old patterns leave.
He brings such peace and now fulfils
My hopes, my dreams- not further ills.

My life is changed forever more
Free like the eagle I will soar.

Ruth Campsall, February 2024.