February 2019 Writing

Living Water

Your first sip of water after an operation
Or giving birth
Or running a Marathon

Bathing a new-born baby
Having come from water the bath is a happy place for a baby

Backache getting into a warm bath of water
Perhaps with colour scented bubbles?

Going to the loo
A luxury!

Thank you Lord

© Janet Hastings

Living water?

I am dry.
In the wilderness of loss and grief
Finding life hard to swallow, let alone water
The streams of life have dried up from within.
You say drink; you offer and invite me to come

Living water you say
Can it reach the areas in me that have dried
That have become like waste places
Can Hope be restored?
The insides of me echo a barrenness and I feel a light smouldering and in danger of going out.

Living water you say
It has the sound of many seas that once flowed but have now ebbed and not returned.
Is this living water greater than our Sacred River Ganges?
Mother Ganga, that gives life to all who step into her waters and drink of its source
Once flowing pure from the mouth of the Himalayas and now polluted.

Is your living water from a stream that is pure?
Will it touch the pools of sadness and turn them into blessings which others can drink?
Will I live again?
Different, changed but alive.

Show me how to drink.

© Shefalie  Kingdom Arts February 2019


The source of our flowing rivers, with small bubbling beginnings
Beneath our scorched challenging deserts, refreshing cool canals of water
Our deep needful frightening wells needing containers and pulling force
Water to replenish our human forms
Some having plenty, others crying out in need

Lord you know our needs
Fill us with your spiritual water
However small our beginnings
Or hard or frightening our lives
Needing no bucket or pulley
Washing our inner beings clean
Receiving our souls with joy
Giving hope and power to our praise
Bathed in everlasting faith

© Helen McNicholl