Exhibition 17th -19th May 2018

“A truly wonderful and inspirational exhibition. Thank you very much.”

“So many amazing displays and all of them shining with the Light of the Lord – very uplifting.”

“The children enjoyed exploring and learning. Thank you for inviting us.”

“Beautiful Expressions of Faith, Love and Life.”

“Very inspirational display. Beautiful creations in a lovely setting”

For three days our church was open to the public, displaying some of our work we had created over the previous two years. We were delighted to have some 70 or 80 visitors each day. In addition we had 3 groups of primary school children with their teachers and they were given a quiz to do as well as a craft activity and refreshments. A small team of tireless helpers served endless cups of tea and coffee along with home-made cake, talked with visitors and helped the schoolteachers with the children.

We have an open plan church building with moveable chairs. This provided plenty of space for display boards and tables down the sides of the church. In the centre of the body of the church we opened out a labyrinth drawn on canvas (some 15ft square) with a card of prayerful suggestions for devotional use.

Many varieties of art and craft were on display – painting, collage, drawing, paper-craft, Lego, tapestry, sewing as well as creative writing.

Some exhibits were individual contributions, other were the collective work of a group of people. All the exhibits were based on Bible themes and were accompanied by a brief word of explanation which many people greatly appreciated.

Modelling with paper and Lego

Some people took the opportunity for a time of quiet prayer. Others enjoyed having-a-go at simple craft work or creative doodling. I think everyone enjoyed the sense of community and friendship.

We are a small parish group of people, meeting once a month, to reflect on a passage of the Bible, express our response in creative ways, share what the morning has meant to us, and finish with a simple soup lunch. Others have joined us from neighbouring churches and this has greatly increased the number of varieties of arts and crafts that we are able to offer. We are registered as a ‘Fresh Expression’ and are open to anyone who would like to join us.

One person perceptively commented, “I loved the fact that, side by side, there are works of which any professional would be proud and work which even someone of my limited skill and experience could aspire to!”

Mosaics, Decoupage and Pop-ups

Creative Writing

Search and you will find . . .

The Tree of Life

Anyway, never mind looking at pictures – come along and have a go!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the next Van Gogh or Banksy (there’s a thought – anyone got a spray can?) or Joe Bloggs, all are welcome.

Check out the dates of the meetings in Dates for your diary.