December 2023 Writing

One Silent Night

In the hushed quiet of dusk, as the shadows lengthen, I pray;
Oh Lord surround us with Your Love and grant us Peace.

In the soundless darkness of a stable, warmed by cattle breath, lies a woman.
She, a homeless fugitive, baring a child brutally conceived,
Fleeing from violent assault and degradation.

In the darkness, the stars appear like a million brilliant sparks as she labours through the night.
In the first light, a muted cry disturbs the calm.
The woman soundlessly suckles the new born and he is beloved!

In the stillness, as we approach the dawn of Christmas, I pray;
Oh Lord surround them with Your Love and grant them Peace.

Oh Lord surround us all with Your Love and grant us Peace.

© Barbara Rolison, Kingdom Arts December 2023


Blow wind of God
A baby born
Silence comes
Waiting for the cry of new life.
Breath of God
Infuse His life
Kiss his face
And breathe infant.
Silence and darkness splits with an infant’s cry
A Saviour born
New life Hope lies on the cradle of life
Breath of God.
When you kiss the baby boy
Do you know you kiss the face of God?

© Shefali Hollis, Kingdom Arts December 2023

Inspired by John 1 v 1-5

Silent darkness
Wordless ripples of creative thought
A brooding of kindness
A gathering of shadows brought

Forming of breath
A day break, peace of knowing
A pushing groan of life
From chaos to order moving

Light in the darkness
Let there be
Light of life’s caress
Reaching me.

© Chris Graham, Kingdom Arts December 2023

May Peace Grow

God gave us light; light within our souls
To shine through
Darkness and pain.
Clearing the way
For stumbling footsteps.
A breath so strong and sure
To let life grow
Within God’s holy stillness
And his embracing presence
Ever present, ever comforting
To help us spread His peace.
To all within the world.

© Helen McNicholl, Kingdom Arts December 2023

A Moment in Time

Through all the noise, the chatter, the rush,
No time, no rest, no peace, no hope, no love,
Comes a moment of calm.

Still, gentle light, whispering, thinking, waiting.

Hear a baby’s cry.
Here comes hope.
Here comes love.

Still the world rushes on, unheeding the moment.

An unostentatious start, unnoticed by many;
Yet the seed has burst forth
And the fruit will follow.

David Moore

Words put to music:-

Into the world
So cold and so driven by sin.
A Baby is born bringing hope
The angels do sing;
And right from the start,
Sin was afraid,
And try as it might
To stop the young Babe;
Triumphant was Love;
Love will prevail.

Simple the scene,
No pomp and no privilege there.
The Saviour of all, just a child,
No crown does He wear.
And Love keeps Him safe,
Holding Him tight;
And Love is the guide,
And Love shines tonight;
And Love is here now,
Love by my side.

Joy, fill our hearts.
And Choir, lift your sound.
Love conquers all
And peace be around.

Hold on to hope;
Rejoice in the love in your heart;
Let all sing ‘Good news’ to the world;
Let none be apart.
And Love keeps me safe
Holding me tight,
And Love is the guide,
And Love shines tonight;
And Love is here now,
Love by my side.

©2017 David Moore

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