Coronavirus Journal May

During these strange times when normal interaction is not possible, some people are still thinking, writing, drawing, composing, painting, etc.
We have decided to keep an informal occasional ‘journal’ showing that our worship, prayer and inspiration does not stop just because our monthly meetings have.

We do not know when our next meeting will be.
However, this journal is growing!

You will find all the May entries below.

If you want to see the April entries,
click here >> Coronavirus Journal for April

May 16th

Scarlett writes: I  attend St Stephen’s as well as St George’s and in their weekly newsletter entitled ‘Something Different’ I wrote my own version of Psalm 23 appertaining to the times we are living in. It is meant to come across as an epistle of hope.

To read Scarlett’s Covid-19 version of Psalm 23, visit our Creative Writing pages. Click here >> May 2020 Writing

May 15th

Next, we have a craft idea to illustrate the theme of a church service entitled ‘ The difference that Easter really makes ‘

The reading was from the Gospel of John. Ch.20 v 19:23. The appearance of Jesus to the disciples, who were locked in a room, in fear.


PRESENCE: Jesus was present with the disciples, it changed the reality. We /they are not alone.

PEACE: Jesus said, ‘ Peace be with you ‘ He spoke peace into their fear. This peace is true and eternal and moves us beyond our situation into a personal peace.

PURPOSE: ‘ As the Father sent me, so I send you ‘ The nature of the church is a community sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Presence, Peace, Purpose: The difference that Easter really makes.

Margaret Stokes.
(inspired by watching a Church Service in Peckham, London on the Sunday after Easter)

May 14th

These face mask adapters were made  for carers and district nurses  to stop the elastic rubbing their ears.  Lyn Crowther

See May 9th (below) for plans to make your own mask.

May 13th


Helen McNicholl has sent us a piece of creative writing entitled
Pentecostal Flames 2020‘.

Some key words are:

To read Helen’s contribution, visit our Creative Writing pages.
Click here >> May 2020 Writing

May 12th

The Reverend Sarah Northall of St Wulstan’s Parish in Warndon visited our meetings on a couple of occasions. See has seen our website and has sent us a link to one of her own reflections (no pun intended) called ‘Streams of Prayer.


It lasts about 10 minutes and you may find it both restful and rewarding.

Click here to visit her YouTube channel >> Streams of prayer

May 9th

Ways of Helping one another by using our creative skills in these difficult times: Make a face mask for yourself or a friend

COMPETITION  who can make  the most creative/colourful/ interesting Kingdom Arts Mask?  Send us photos.

Making a face mask

These masks have been made from materials you may well have in your home:-

  1. Materials: outside fabric, lining fabric, metal strip (if available), tape to cover metal strip, (not shown: elastic or tape)
  2. Cover metal strips (if you have them). These are fixed across the bridge of the nose so that the wearer can shape the mask to fit closely against the nose
  3. Cut out pieces. The fabric is folded so every cutout will produce two pieces
  1. This picture shows the pieces cut out for two masks, one large and one smaller, with double fabric layers
  2. Stitch centre front seam
  3. Attach strip (if you have it) to nose of outer fabric
  1. Stitch two layers together, top and bottom
  2. Snip curves
  3. Turn through, fold in raw edges and press
  1. Stitch tape or elastic in middle of edge, fold over and stitch down edge.

If you want, you can leave a slot between the two layers of fabric to insert a renewable filter.

You can probably obtain suitable materials for filters on-line, although we have heard that some everyday materials might work quite well – we are not experts and you would need to check out the effectiveness of such home-made filters from an expert source.

As a serious hobbyist, I always collect bits and pieces that might be useful. The metal strips I used were saved from some old used face masks  for use in dusty conditions(I think I got them from Halfords originally).  If necessary, leave the metal strips out. The masks just won’t fit around the nose so well.
Vikki Moore.

Exodus 35:35
He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers.

Click here to download pattern > >  Mask Pattern

When you print out the pattern, it has to be the correct size. There is a 5cm line printed at the bottom of the page – measure it and check it is really 5cm long.

May 2nd
 Then and Now

Thomas stood outside the door
His head still spinning and aching
with echoes of that Day
The cruel, unknowing, inflamed crowd,
Shouting, “Crucify, crucify.”
Women stifling cries of anguish.
People locked in houses, wracked with fear.
Children with little understanding
filled with future nightmares.
The driving of the hideous nails
Hammers for building
Not execution

He crept away like Pilate and Judas

But he was in denial, total disbelief
They could not kill his Saviour there on Calvary

Still at the door, he remembered that word


He entered the room
All eyes on him, the doubter
But His Lord’s voice reached his ears
His throbbing head and shaking body calmed
Jesus drew him close, and lovingly led his hands
to feel the water from His side
baptising him once again,
giving peace to his soul.
The healing hands and feet
Filling his veins with New Life
and Strength to Live Again

May that miraculous spiritual love
and understanding surround us all
giving us strength to live anew
in faith and hope near to God
Now and into the Future

© Helen McNichol

May 1st
Our creative Talents are being put to good use!
Suddenly, our hospitals need far more protective clothing than they ever have before. Demand is currently outstripping supply, despite all the efforts being made. Here’s where we can step in.
Following a plea via social media for pillow cases to be donated to make drawstring ‘scrubs bags’ for front-line health workers, an army of some 900 volunteers from across Worcestershire of all abilities have got busy producing the bags.
At the last count the total stood at: 262 Scrubs, 6953 Scrubs Bags, 3379 Headbands plus 700 Scrub Hats. What an amazing achievement in just three weeks!! Demand is still rising so if anyone wants to be involved please do search them out via the Facebook link below

Facebook: WorcestershireForTheLoveOfScrubs

Several of the Kingdom Arts group have also been involved in altering some ready-made scrubs to fit. Well done to Amanda and Lyn, Sue, Barbara and Alex for using their creative gifts!

Two pieces of creative writing from Frances

Frances has contributed two pieces of writing, which are quite lengthy. Extracts are shown below. However, you can read the full text on the Creative Writing page:

click here >> May 2020 Writing

I Broke the Rules       (a rap)

I’m stuck in a gender twisted society.
But I need to break free.
If scripture was open to me,
I’d sing, “Let me sit at Divine feet
because God’s Word edifies me.”

I must wait ‘til a man reads it to me,
And interprets the Word thoughtfully
through the lens of masculinity.
Naturally, I just sit an’ listen,
silently . . .


Praying from a Dusty Floor

My son, Jesus, was executed in a brutal act between religious leaders and the government. The horrors I saw were still vivid in my memory on the day I met the disciples. I hadn’t been able to sleep for days. My jaw and neck muscles were tight and sore with the pain of grief but when we prayed together, even the memories that engulfed me in terror faded along with my worries about the future. The fact that we had all managed to meet there, without being caught and strung up in front of some unofficial council, didn’t seem to be a co-incidence . . .

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