Coronavirus Journal July

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On we go. Another month, another opportunity to do some of those jobs , or find excuses to ignore them . . .

Our journal continues, hopefully with more examples of people’s creativity – craft, painting, written word, and hobbies. Some directly connected to worship, others just giving important time to reflect on life today and God’s part in it.

July 28th
  • Prayer
  • High Street Antics
  • Returning to Worcester Cathedral, open for prayer in Lockdown.

Three short pieces of writing from Rosemary Orr.

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July 19th
Everyone Matters

The first piece of creative writing for this month. A powerful reflection on the attitudes of societies around the globe and a plea for friendship and tolerance.

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July 14th
The Kingdom Arts ‘Choir’ debut

The idea was to create our own sung version of the Lord’s Prayer.

After much ‘encouragement’, we found a band of ‘willing’ volunteers –

“I can’t sing”;
“I can’t cope with technology”;
“Ooo, I don’t think I can”;
. . .

Here’s the result. Judge for yourselves:

July 13th 
A message from Alex and Sue

Hello to you all,

It’s difficult to believe that it’s 4 months since we last met as a group in Church. We trust you are all keeping well and maybe venturing out a little or even seeing family and friends… at a distance! We will continue to keep you in touch about when we can begin Kingdom Arts again… It may be some time before we get all the rules and safe guarding measures in place.

We often think of you and wonder what creative activities or projects you may be embarking on. Maybe some of you have been doing some sewing, or patchwork and others of you leaving out a long unfinished jigsaw on the table to put pieces in place as you pass by. It is very satisfying to find the correct piece that fits together or the patchwork shape that fits perfectly in place.


Think about all the news that we have been watching about the riots in Hong Kong and USA and the Black Lives Matter campaigns … What the world would look like if we cared properly for one another, respected one another, loved one another irrespective of race, creed, background, education……where Everyone Matters . If only we could fit together like a piece of patchwork or a piece of a jigsaw, just as God intended!

Psalm 133 came to mind…

How very good and pleasant it is when people live together in unity

Wow! That’s the theme for July!
Read the psalm and get your creative juices flowing.

With love to you and hope to see you soon,
Love Alex and Sue x

Psalm 133 – An Activity

Sue has had an idea to do with the theme, to kick start an individual project for you try… send it in for us to see….. Have fun!

Lockdown has given us all time to think and reflect upon the value of maintaining unity within the family, and with friends. We have been confined to our ‘boxes’ like a ZOOM screen. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could represent our thoughts and ideas in a ZOOM picture?

This activity brought into focus the loss of physically meeting up with friends and family, though technology has brought us all together in ways we could never have imagined years ago.

Our spiritual community has taken a knock but with love and hope we will break out of the confines we have endured and reunite with renewed conviction.

You decide how you want to portray the psalm and what has been significant for you during lockdown. You may want to focus and reflect on your personal experiences in the last four months, or represent the wider aspects of community worldwide and the huge problems faced by humanity.

There are no rules. The interpretation is yours. The choice of materials is yours. This is just a starting point for you to try. It would be great to see your results on our website.

1. Find a piece of strong paper or card of a size you can cope with.
2. Colour the card randomly, or use a plain favourite colour, to make a background.

3. Cut out some plain pieces of paper. I cut 15 pieces about 10cm x 7cm.
4. Draw on or decorate each rectangle with an image that is significant to you that somehow reflects unity in this strange time of lockdown.

5. You could collect objects or use photos and found images, or add text.
6. Arrange your pieces as a ZOOM screen.

7. If your background is interesting you could leave some gaps to allow it to show through.
8. Have fun cutting and sticking!

July 7th


July 3rd
My Favourite Loaf

by John Butler

The perfect complement to Jan’s wonderful soups is of course bread. My own personal favourite, which I bake most weeks, is seeded half & half.
This is a tasty light loaf which is not too filling. The ingredients below are sufficient to make two small (400g) loaves or one large (800g) loaf.

300g strong wholemeal bread flour
250g strong white bread flour
7g table salt
1 tbsp (10g) olive oil
7g dried fast action yeast
350ml lukewarm water
Half a cup of sunflower seeds

In the past I have occasionally started to bake only to find I am short of an item or two. So now I always gather everything I need together first.

Place a large mixing bowl on your scales and add the flour. Now add the salt and yeast on opposite sides of the bowl.

Now start to mix the ingredients, into a dough, using a clawing action while adding the oil and then water slowly as you mix. (you may not use all the water). I tend to use a mixer with a dough hook as this part gets a little sticky (understatement) until the mixture begins to bond.

When it begins to combine tip onto a lightly dusted (flour) surface and knead, by stretching and folding in, for around 5 mins (I find this the fun part). You should end up with a tight ball of dough.

Place in a large oiled bowl and cover with a damp tea-towel.
Leave to rise in a warm room for about an hour or until doubled in size. Well-oil your bread tin(s) or pay the consequences!
Once again tip out onto a lightly dusted surface and ‘knock back’ until all the air is out. Sprinkle seeds on the dough and fold together.

You can now either split into two, as I have, or shape to suit your bread-tin. Place into your tin(s) seam down and cover with damp tea-towel.

Leave to rise. This depends on the room temperature but don’t rush, it will take at least 45mins, have a cup of tea.
It should now be about 1 in above the tin.

Uncover and place in a pre-heated oven at 220 degrees C or 200 degrees C (fan) for 30/35 mins or 35/40 mins for a large loaf.

Now the important part, especially if you are a man! Set your phone alarm. Experience tells me that I get distracted on some other task and forget. Unless of course you are fond of crusty bread! Oh, and take the phone with you.


Remove from oven and place on cooling rack, enjoy the smell, get the butter ready!




I love experimenting with other flours, seeds etc.

It’s a great activity if you have grandchildren – add different flavours and try creating shapes. Be bold – enjoy!

See you all soon – John