April 2022 Gathering

April 5th

Today was the second of a series looking at the lives of influential Christians. This month Saint Aiden.

We began with music and joined in singing “I the Lord of sea and sky” which together with “When I survey the wondrous cross” set the scene for the morning.

Alex led us in a time of prayer and reflection, followed by the second of a series looking at the lives of influential Christians or “Heroes of Faith”

We had a very interesting short talk from Barbara R about St. Aiden, an early Celtic monk who founded a monastery on the Island of Lindisfarne and re-established Christianity in Northumbria around AD 535. Aiden was well known for his ascetic practices and great gentleness.

A reading from Matthew 28 verses 18 to 20 helped us to understand how he saw God’s purpose for his life.

There was a very popular table with Celtic patterns involving great concentration and repeated over and round, under and over again!
Some concentrated on drawing and design

Others tried their hand at weaving or stitching. Over and under and over again! Not easy!!

For those who preferred it there were Celtic patterns to colour!!

Whenever one needed a break, the coffee was plentiful with flapjack, crispy nests; also wonderful Celtic Knot cheese biscuits, thank you Vikki for designing and hand crafting them.

The Celtic Knot Biscuit

Intricate and intriguing woven knot, a circle encircled,
interlinking loops on an infinite journey,
leading me along the path of life with God beside me all the way.

Our deconstructed bits of life,
large or small,
curved and twisted
can be reshaped, reformed, regenerated
influenced by God’s purpose.

© Barbara Rolison April 2022 Kingdom Arts

To aid concentrated private prayer or meditation, there was a table with a wooden labyrinth for finger tracing.

A slide show with scenes from Lindisfarne and the surrounding area was for browsing along with a book with illustrations of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

The craft activity from last month continued with block printing, based on the designs on the colourful African fabrics, as well as a table with materials for applique, a beautiful and delicate stitch craft.

The designs were again taken from a small portion of African fabric pattern.

The creative juices flowed on the writing station and there are new pieces for you read.

Past Present Future

The expectation of Spring fills the air
Mixing up yellows and blues and swirling petals
In the gusts of God’s breath.
New growth, new life
Can we feel blessed?
Ignoring artificial trappings dispelling arguments and wars
Letting the shadow of the cross fill our lives every moment
Hearing those cries of understanding
And Jesus’ gifts of love comfort and forgiveness
Echoing from the past for us today
And forever.
© Helen Mc Nicholl Kingdom Arts 05/04/22

At the end of the morning there was the opportunity to share our work and feelings – plus a final song sung to a traditional Celtic melody which many of you will recognise.

for those who like to know – the song is accompanied by Sue on a penny whistle and Trevor playing a shruti (an Indian instrument, I’m told).


Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday May 10th from 9.30, with the enticing prospect of a home-made soup lunch!!

Please come and join us, but do check this site or our Facebook page before your journey to make sure the session is not cancelled!