April 2019 Writing


The child with no shoes
The homeless unwashed feet
The throbbing old person’s toes.
The child laughs
The homeless has a heart
The old man lived.
Pours purity into the child
Washes the homeless clean
Restores the elderly frail.
The blessings from Heaven
Loving humanity
The scent of heavenly eternity.
The never dry well
Spiritually blessed water
And God given love.
© Helen Mc Nicholl, Kingdom Arts April 2019


Two rows as if in processing
Waiting for washing by the man who is God
Grey skies, pattering rain, spring clouds
Whisking outside in the cold as Passover approaches
A meal; lamb, wine, olives, flatbread, water and wine
Feet sweating for washing
Hands dipping bread in oil,
Jesus their servant caressing
The lumps and bumps of life.
While that sunset for Him
Draws into night and one last day.
© Rosemary Orr, Kingdom Arts April 2019

Cleanse me Lord.

In the knowledge of death through betrayal
Jesus washed their feet and they were clean.
Such humility in his action, love and friendship in one simple act
He cleansed them to keep their Spirit whole.
Knowing his fate.
Cleanse my soul Lord
Refresh my feet to walk with you.
© Barbara Rolison, Kingdom Arts April 2019


Water, so clear, cleansing, rippling, still, so silent
Waiting to be used.
Whose needs can I satisfy?

Water contained in a bowl.
What use have I?
No servant to pour for me.
Towel ready to dry me.
What shall I do?
Feet hot and sticky,
Where is the servant?
Disciples are waiting.
Where can he be?
Water all ready.
Jesus hands so steady,
How can this be?
© Anthea Spurling,  Kingdom Arts April 2019